Winter Maintenance Inspection

Woman on a Cell Phone in a Snow Storm

  Sometimes life gets in the way of things we should take care of to prevent hiccups in our schedule. One of the things we recommend is a full maintenance inspection at least twice a year to look for potential upcoming issues to allow you to be proactive about maintaining your vehicle instead of reacting […]

Fall is here – and winter soon to follow!


Time to look at your vehicle and to make sure you have the basics covered and your car ready for the cold weather coming.  Colorado winters are brutal, and your car takes the toll.  Here is a list of things to look at: – Tune Up - Get a full Engine Tune Up – Brakes - Don’t […]

Watch out for these problems this summer…

Man and his over heated car

Now that the summer months are right around the corner, we tend to see an increase in car problems. The top 3 common problems are: #1 Your engine overheating- this can be a cause of low coolant levels water pump failure, thermostat issues or maybe your serpentine belt has broken or slipped #2 A/C stops working or isn’t […]