About Us


Here at Harry’s Auto, we have a different focus when it comes to your vehicle. We don’t want to just focus on the repairing your vehicle, we want to maintain it.



Even when we focus on maintenance by doing oil changes, tire rotations, fluid flushes, among other services, we don’t go by what the blanket maintenance schedule that you might be used to.

The problem is that not everybody drives the same way. They don’t drive the same routes; they don’t drive in the same condition all the time. What might work for vehicle “A” might not work for vehicle “B”. What we’re trying to do is to create a customized and personalized maintenance plan for our clients.

This is how we tailor our business toward auto repair. The problem with the repair side of our business is it’s not usually what’s beneficial for the customer or the vehicle. Repairs tend to be more costly than maintenance, and they tend to be more interruptive than maintenance is. If you need a repair for a breakdown, your starter doesn’t work, an alternator fails, or a water pumps start leaking-those types of repair interrupt the lifestyle of the customer, of our clients. Also, regular maintenance helps prevent some of those things from happening.

By focusing on maintenance to help prolong the life of your vehicle and the life of its components, it helps to limit the interruptions to your day. Every component of a vehicle is designed to fail at some point in its life. That’s how dealers and manufacturers make a living, but we try to lessen that impact-to both your day to day lifestyle and also your wallet.

Our mission statement is the most basic form of our business philosophy and when all else fails, we revert back and ask ourselves “Are we staying true to our mission?” If we can answer that question with “Yes” then we feel we are doing exactly what we need to be doing at that moment in that situation.

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